"Think Today = Save Tomorrow"

Follow the Steps to Participate

At Your End...

Follow the steps below before you register for the competition.

  1. Form a group of 8-12 students and one teacher who will participate. The group will act as company representatives bidding for contract.
  2. Give your team a cool name. The name of the team will be the name of the hypothetical company you are forming to bid for the tender.
  3. Get approval of your principal/school management and parents.
  4. Fill up the registration form.
  5. Make payment for the registration.
  6. Read and read a lot about the space, solar system, planets, Moons, and physics involved.
  7. Be prepared for travel as the later stages may happen in person depending upon the conditions prevailing at that time.

For Registration with us...

Click the button above for registration process.

  1. You have to be a full-time student studying in Indian school.
  2. You should not have attained the age of 18 on December 21, 2021.
  3. Visit the registration link to enter the details.
  4. Once the registration is complete and the payment is received, you need to send the scanned copy of approval from your school authorities. This shall come from the Teacher in-charge.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email once the form is submitted. Another confirmation email once the payment and approval letter is received.
  6. All confirmed teams shall receive the RFP by mid of March.