"Your idea today = Your future tomorrow"

About DSSSEC 2022

Deep Solar System Settlement & Exploration Competition is for the students of grade 8 to grade 12 students of Indian nationals studying in India schools within the identified boundaries of India.

The competition will start as an online event and as the time progress, may convert in to an off-line in person event. In the competition a private company (we, hypothetical name and background) will invite global corporations (students team, hypothetical companies) to bid for the requirements laid down in global tender issued. The requirement will be depending on our need to create settlements anywhere in the space. The students who will work in teams will also have to name their team as a fictitious company with headquarters somewhere on Earth. Their fictitious company will bid for the tender and for each round participating students have to submit a detailed study report with graphics, visuals, facts and concepts, tables illustrating the finances, manpower, time required and other details for the project report. For each round the submissions will be explained in detail as it starts.

The competition will be for at least 8 month long with a minimum of 3 (three) rounds. The virtual rounds (as the time demands today) will be to test and eliminate the teams as we climb the ladder. Also the challenges and tasks will get tougher and critical. The students who will be working in teams will have to come up with the unique solutions for the problems, suggest upgrades, and be cost efficient at all times. 

The competition will be about testing the skills of students giving them challenges and tasks and they will have to act as a responsible employees of a big multi-national corporation with ideas and experience in executing the tasks at hand. Since it will be hypothetical dealings between two companies, the more professional terminologies, professional behaviour and corporate culture will be one of the elements on which the teams will be assessed.

A teacher in-charge will act as the Director/MD of the company and shall be in the loop at all times. The Director/MD will be the torch bearer in this endeavour and will help the members in  solving problems using the best of their knowledge and skills.

As a whole, we expect the students will learn...

  • Astronomy & Space Sciences.
  • Engineering.
  • Finances.
  • Projections.
  • Human Resource.
  • Innovation.
  • Dreaming

As a whole, we expect the students will display...

  • Team work.
  • Cooperation among co-workers.
  • Corporate culture
  • Strong Character.
  •  Maturity
  • Dedication
  • Punctuality

The competition will help students prepare for the future in terms of academics, corporate or in serving the mankind for a greater good.