"Our Vision Today = Mankind's Future Tomorrow"​

Welcome to DSSSEC 2022

We are extremely excited to bring to you the second edition of “Deep Solar System Settlement & Exploration Competition” (DSSSEC or DS3EC) is pinnacle of competitions where students will be prepared for the bigger challenges of the future which we have brought up on us.

The competition will prepare our future generations about the future we don’t want and we can not avoid. The scarcity of water, depleting layer of Ozone, rising sea levels, depleting fossil fuels, forest fire and stronger and destructive cyclones/typhoon are all singling towards the ill-fated future of mankind on this planet. Global warming is causing glaciers and icebergs to melt causing rising water levels. The coastal cities are at the brink of sinking due to rising ocean levels. While on one side cities will drown, half the world will not have water fit for drinking in next 20 years. Our greed and lack of understanding has created havoc on this planet and our future generations will have to pay the price if not us already paying.

The competition is an effort to identify solutions by providing innovative and futuristic ideas from the young minds who have the knowledge about space science and engineering and have a future to secure for themselves and for the coming generations. What would be better than the torch bearers of the future to show us the path of recovery.

Our only goal is to prepare the next generation for the worse so that they can lead the fight against all the causes which are killing our planet and also help us look for a more safe environment to grow, nourish and flourish life somewhere we can call “Home away from Home”.

The planet is home to over 7 billion homo-sapiens and trillions of members of other species of flora and fauna. We all have played some role in reaching where we are today, well mostly humans and we feel it is our responsibility to ensure all the species survive in the future even if we have to achieve this in a place far away from the “Pale Blue Dot”.

The competition will offer a platform for the students to share their unique creativity and solution to the problems. Simultaneously they will learn the culture of working in the corporate, working with different departments like, design, engineering, finance, metallurgy, operations, planning, Human Resource. Playing different roles like CEO, Engineer, Team lead, Architect, Designer, Marketing Executive and above all, a scientist, Astronomer, Botanist, biologist, Anthropologist, IT, or any other role you can think of.

The vision of Our Future Brigade